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Dancewear & Balletwear Shops and Suppliers in the UK

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Dancewear has become more simplified and comfortable as dance has become more free and strenuous. Dancers of yesteryear would traditionally dance in halls and gardens and wear expensive and cumbersome costume. By the eighteenth century, however, dancing in theatres became popular and training in everyday clothing became the norm.

In the nineteenth century the ballerina Marie Tagolioni inspired the first tutu which allowed increased physical prowess in ballet and dance.

As dance increased in athleticism, more body was exposed. Hemlines grew shorter and dancewear evolved to reveal legs, with the pelvic area covered by a short skirt. Grecian-inspired tunics and scarves became fashionable which inspired new dance movements, freeing the body and extending a dancer’s space.

Costumes for dance must portray or relate to some characteristic or mood of the dance and should be designed with the understanding that the dancer has to move in the costume. Designing a costume also differs when creating for either a male or female dancer.

Footwear is an important part of dancewear and different dances require a different type of shoe, for example, tap shoes, pointe shoes for en pointe work in ballet.

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