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Latin American and Ballroom Dance Clubs in the UK

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With dance having always been an extremely popular pastime, it's no surprise that dance clubs, where would be dancers are taught the art of rhythmic movement, flourish in every corner of the UK.

Whether you'd prefer to learn to jive, click your heels to the sound of flamenco music, move your body on night-club dance floors or are more drawn towards elegant ballroom dancing, clubs are available to help you master your dance of choice.

Dance clubs vary in both size and professionalism and your choice of dancing club will depend largely on the style of dance you'd like to learn and the level to which you aim to take your dancing.

If you're looking to learn the basics of ballroom or Latin dances in order to hold you own when out dancing, clubs are available within most local communities. Such dance clubs are often run by local dancers who wish to pass their skills and enthusiasm on to others in order to help them, through both attending the dance club itself and whilst out in a dance environment, enjoy the pleasure that can be found through dance.

For those who enjoy dancing, clubs are an excellent way of meeting other, like minded, people with which to socialise. Many local dance clubs not only hold lessons but also social evenings where both singles and couples can practice their skills. Joining a dancing club is also an excellent way of exercising whilst having fun.

While no formal qualifications are needed in order to run a dance club, it's always worth enquiring of the tutor's personal dance credentials before joining. What kind of dancing does he/she personally enjoy? Has he/she danced professionally? How long has he/she been dancing and does he/she have previous experience of running dance club classes. While anybody can run a dance club, running a successful dancing club takes skill and experience.

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