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Dance Clubs, Dancing Lessons, Ballroom Dancing Teachers & Tutors

UK Ballroom and Latin American dancing associations, clubs, teachers and tutors

Dance schools, clubs and teachers can be found in almost any local community and often accommodate a variety of age groups and dance styles from ballroom to street dance.

There's no doubt that for those wishing to take up dancing, clubs and associations with qualified tutors and teachers are the best way to learn so why not take a look at our dance club listings to find a suitable club, tutor or school in your area?

By joining a dance club, you'll not only be learning the actual dances but improving your posture and the overall picture you present to those around you by moving in a more graceful and rhythmic way.

Remember, learning to dance is as much about choosing the right dance teacher as it is about choosing the right dance school.

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Dancing Teachers and Tutors

If you're planning to learn to dance, always remember that a dance school is only ever as good as the dance teachers that instruct the classes.

The kind of qualifications one would expect a dance tutor to have will vary greatly depending on the type of dance school and the level of expertise expected at the end of the course.

A dance teacher employed by a full-time ballet school would, for example, require much higher qualifications than a dance tutor who instructs a weekly evening class aimed at amateurs wishing to learn the basics of a specific style of dance.

But that doesn't mean you should join a dance class led by a dance teacher who has neither qualifications or experience as even casual dance lessons should leave you able to hold your own on the dance floor. It's therefore important that you speak to the dance teacher before joining a class, and ask about both their dance and tutoring experience.

If a child will be attending the dance class, it's important that the dance tutor has experience of teaching children as children's dance classes are very different to those held for adults. A dance teacher may be highly experienced at teaching adult dance classes but may not necessarily be qualified to teach children who learn at a different pace and on a different level.

Dance tutors are also available to give personal one-to-one classes either in a dance studio or in your own home. Personal dance teachers are especially useful when a dance student is experiencing difficulties with a particular area of dance as they offer out-of-class intensive training that concentrates on the particular area of difficulty. Similarly, those who show a high level of talent often benefit from one-to-one classes with a personal dance tutor.

Remember, learning to dance is as much about choosing the right dance teacher as it is about choosing the right dance school.

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